Norwegian kick-off meeting

Norway1The local Norwegian kick-off meeting of DESSIN took place at the beginning of March in Oslo, Norway. Organized by SINTEF, ten people from research institutes, industry and municipal institutions attended.  Main purpose of the meeting was for the people from the different organisations to meet and to discuss and plan the tasks lying ahead to ensure that DESSIN is going to meets its objectives. After a brief overview of the DESSIN project, the links between the activities in Norway and other parts of DESSIN were pointed out.

Then the tasks from the work packages prior to the demonstration were presented and discussed (development of an evaluation framework (to account) for impacts of changes on Ecosystem Services, innovative and innovation-friendly modes of governance, financing and payment, local treatment of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) by High Rate Filtration and the integration of local CSO treatment units by monitoring and data communication).

After a visit to the demonstration site at Hoffselva, the tasks during demonstration were discussed (demonstration of cross flow lamella settling for local treatment of CSO, demonstration of High Rate Filtration for local treatment of CSO overflow, demonstration of monitoring and data communication for local CSO treatment  and the monitoring water quality in Hoffselva and evaluation of solutions). The meeting ended after the planning of the next steps.


Participants of the Norwegian kick-off meeting