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The European water research project DESSIN demonstrates and promotes innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality related challenges & demonstrates a methodology for the valuation of ecosystem services (ESS).

DESSIN is centred around five demonstration sites with special focus on urban areas across Europe, where solutions are being tested and validated. All information and products resulting from the project will be introduced on this website.


Hoffselva showcase video

The Hoffselva River in Oslo, Norway, flows through an increasingly populated and urbanized area. As an important natural element in the urbanized environment of the lower catchment part, Hoffselva River provides recreational services, which are affected by the water quality. Along the river there are several combined sewer overflow facilities, shortly called CSO’s. During heavy rain events, they discharge untreated water with a high content in sewage garbage and particles as well as nitrogen and phosphorus into the river.

Therefore, the European research project DESSIN has demonstrated local treatment solutions for the overflow from CSOs, which are demonstrated in this video.

DESSIN final conference

At the end of November the DESSIN project members met in Brussels, Belgium for their final conference. The event was embedded in a joint workshop with the WssTP working groups on Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure.

The scope of the workshop was to underline how Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI) best practices, approach and methodologies can contribute to innovation in the water sector and help tackle water-related challenges, such as water quality and water scarcity. Three dedicated sessions highlighted experiences on implementation, success stories and success factors, as well as barriers to implementation and how they can be overcome. Also discussed were possible ways forwards for scaling up and market uptake, actions to be taken and implications for future European innovation activities in the field. Click to read more

Our final newsletter

The DESSIN project is coming to an end and it is a pleasure for us to present our last newsletter to you. It contains an article about our demo site in Norway, Hoffselva, and an interview with the Hoffselva project leader Herman Helness. Futhermore, you can read about DESSIN’s participation at the EIP Water Conference in Porto and the first Ecosystem Services (ESS) tool presentation. The ESS tool is explained in detail, especially focusing on the monitoring and evaluation system for market entry. Last, but not least, our final event, a joint workshop with WssTP on the 28th of November dealing with Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI) is introduced. To download and read the newsletter, please click here. If you would like to register for our final event you can find more information here and register here.

Register for the joint DESSIN-WssTP workshop

On 28 November 2017 the final DESSIN event will take place in Brussels, Belgium. Together, the WssTP Working Groups on Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure and the EU-funded DESSIN project will organise the half-day workshop, back-to-back with the annual Water Knowledge Europe brokerage event of the WssTP on the 29th and 30th November. The workshop will deal with Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI).

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DESSIN’s decision support tool applied at all demonstrations sites

On 21. and 22. September 2017 there was a meeting at KWR in the Netherlands to discuss the application of the Decision Support System (DSS) tool on Ecosystem Services. It was attended by partners from KWR, Emscher Genossenschaft, CetAqua, NTUA, Sintef and representatives of every demonstration case.

During the meeting it was decided to apply the tool to the various demonstration cases of Dessin at the LLobregat area in Spain, Athens in Greece, Westland in Holland, Hoffselva in Norway and the Emscher region in Germany. The tool will be used to evaluate the impact of the technical solutions in the demonstration cases on the ecosystem by the possible upscaling the pilot plants.


Will it be worthwhile? Assess your ecosystem services to find out!

The free Ecosystem Services (ESS) evaluation software tool by DESSIN helps decision-makers to make the best choice by evaluating the effects that innovative solutions have on freshwater ecosystems and their services. The tool identifies and measures the ecosystem services that are provided to humans by nature. While this may sound simple, many different ecosystem services may be present at a particular location, and the tool helps to make sure that all of them are considered. It suggests indicators for measures of ESS provision and use, as well as economic valuation methods.

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5th DESSIN newsletter is available now

In the 5th issue of the DESSIN newsletter you can read about the latest news and achievements of the project. The publication includes a description of the technologies that are being tested in the Emscher demo site and an interview with Nadine Gerner, the Emscher project leader. In the DESSIN Marketplace section you will find explained the monitoring and evaluation system for market entry, developed by Adelphi. In the ESS Section there is a brief summary of an interesting article on the DESSIN Ecosystem Services Evaluation framework, applied to the case of the use of infiltration ponds for artificial aquifer recharge in the Llobregat (Barcelona) mature site. Last, but not least, the final DESSIN event, which will take place as a public workshop on November 28th in Brussels alongside with the WssTP Water Knowledge Europe brokerage event, is announced. Please take a look at our Call for Papers.

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Call for papers – DESSIN final event

On 28 November 2017 the final DESSIN event will take place in Brussels. The joint DESSIN and WssTP workshop will deal with Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI).

Call for papers: We are inviting European and international projects that are at an advanced stage to present their key findings and success stories about implementation and benefits of ESS concepts, NBS or HGGI in the water sector. Projects should have a clearly applied focus, not on fundamental research but dealing with the actual (and successful) demonstration of solutions and benefits.

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Athens pilot workshops

EYDAP and NTUA organized two informative DESSIN workshops, which were held on 23rd and 25th of May 2017 at the premises of EYDAP in Athens. Aim of the workshops was the demonstration of DESSIN results and Athens’ sewer mining pilot to specific groups of stakeholders. The first workshop was attended by graduate, post-graduate, PhD students and by post-doctorate researchers from the fields of water and environmental science. The second was mainly addressed to water utility managers, municipal authorities and academic experts.

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