DESSIN kicks off

kickoffsmallOn the 28th-29th January 2014, the FP7 project DESSIN kicked off in Brussels. The European four-year project demonstrates and promotes innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality related challenges & additionally demonstrates a methodology for the valuation of ecosystem services (ESS).

This novel approach enables a standardised evaluation of impacts and benefits from technology and governance innovations in multiple sectors. One of its main advantages lies in its capacity to integrate the economic, environmental and societal dimensions. DESSIN is centered around the following five carefully selected demonstration sites across Europe, that are representing the global major water challenges. Germany (restoration of the heavily modified Emscher River), Norway (pollution of Hoffselva River near Oslo), the Netherlands (underground fresh water storage in brackish aquifers between Amsterdam and Rotterdam), Greece (sewer mining for water reuse in Athens) and Spain (underground storage of water in the Llobregat River Delta near Barcelona). The demonstration sites support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and provide solutions for water scarce areas. DESSIN is coordinated by IWW Water Centre (Germany).


DESSIN participants at the kick-off meeting