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Videos: Three short movies explain innovative technical solutions at Emscher demonstration site

At the Emscher site, two innovative technologies have been – or are still being – pilot-tested. Both have the aim to improve water quality in rivers and streams which will have positive effects on ecosystem service provision. This improvment is being achieved via a reduction of overflowing combined sewage water into streams during heavy rain events or – in case overflows occur – via a reduction of the particle load entering the streams.

The two technologies are 1) a cross-flow lamella settler to improve combined sewage water treatment inside storage facilities in the sewer network, developed by DESSIN-partner UFT and 2) the ADESBA real-time-control system to enhance storage of combined sewage inside the sewer network, developed by DESSIN-partner SEGNO.

In order to make the Emscher demo cases visible and accessible without having to travel to the site, three movies have been produced. They describe how the innovative technological solutions help improve ecosystem service provision in dense urban areas and serve to ease understanding of the solutions.

The themes of the three movies are:

movie #1) the Emscher area, its challenges and its ongoing restoration process

movie #2) the demonstration of the lamella settler solution

movie #3) the demonstration of the ADESBA real-time-control system.