chemitecSince 1996, CHEMiTEC is active in Greece, Cyprus and Balkan Countries in the sectors industrial process water, municipal potable water and waste water treatment and environmental technologies. CHEMiTEC supplies innovative technologies, enabling its clients to comply with international quality standards and achieve economical optimization. It offers solutions, products and services for membrane technologies, filters, activated carbon, specialty chemicals, membrane based wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), ultra sonar applications in WWTPs and much more. The client base includes power stations, chemical and refinery industries, steel mills food and beverage industry, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceuticals, hotels and hospitals, green houses, animal and agricultural farms, municipalities and local authorities and many more.

Main task of CHEMITEC will be to assist in the design of a membrane wastewater treatment system followed by tertiary treatment and reverse osmosis (RO) technology to be used in the sewer mining demonstration in Athens. CHEMiTEC will design, erect and construct the full system for the duration of the Athens demonstration and cooperate with other project partners for the treatment optimisation.