CETaqua is a non-profit foundation that integrates, manages and conducts research, technological development and innovation projects on the integral water cycle. CETaqua benefits from both academia and industry, which enable the centre to be aware of the sector’s current and future needs and to effectively transfer and apply the results of its research. The main research areas are: alternative water resources (such as aquifer recharge, water reclamation and reuse); health and the environment (involving advanced water treatment and sludge management); efficient infrastructure management; crisis management (floods and droughts) related to global change; water and energy and water demand management.

CETaqua is carrying out the demonstration of flexibilisation of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in the Barcelona demo site.  Aigües de Barcelona, owner and operator of the ASR facilities in Barcelona, will participate as Third Party in the analytical tasks. CETaqua is also leading the dissemination Work Area in DESSIN and contribute to the ESS evaluation methodology development.