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Amphos 21 Consulting SL

Amphos 21Amphos 21 is a SME, providing scientific and technical consultancy services addressing a range of environmental issues, mainly associated with the management and disposal of hazardous wastes, contaminated groundwater/soils, water management, environmental planning and specific software development as well as strategic communication and social studies. Main output is the expert advice in innovative solutions to sustainable resources management by means of intense research activities. A21 counts with a large expertise in groundwater studies and development of numerical models of flow and reactive transport of contaminants.

Within DESSIN, the tasks of A21 will be related with the ecosystem services provided by managed aquifer recharge (MAR) technology. A21 will develop a numerical code interface to simulate groundwater-surface water relations and to identify the connections between aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) and aquatic ecosystems in strategic reservoirs. Furthermore, A21 will conduct the analysis of ecosystem services in lower Llobregat area and the related social study.