Gkoliopoulos S.A.

gkoliopoulos_letterhead_logo_enGKOLIOPOULOS S.A. Engineers & Contractors constitutes the most recent legal form of a presence in the field of construction projects for more than 40 years. Today it is placed at the 4th level of the Register for Construction Companies (RCC) and is actively involved predominantly in the public sector technical projects. Moreover, it is engaged in the whole of the production procedure, from the design level (bid, final engineering) up to the construction and longstanding operation & maintenance, even in particularly specialized projects with demands of high technical knowledge. Today the company is particularly specialized in environmental technology projects.

GKOLIOPOULOS SA is an associated partner for the Athens demonstration in collaboration with EYDAP. It provides operational support, maintenance and repair of the pilot plant to ensure continuous operation. The services also includes staff on hand in case of failure of the pilot outside normal working hours.