SEGNO Industrie Automation GmbH

SegnoSEGNO is a profit-oriented research and development (R&D) performing SME, active in consulting and development services. 25 employees carry out services in handling with process data. We apply systems for use in visualization, in databases, in journaling and we implement logical solutions in PLCs. We are operating in several industrial sectors. Half of our tasks are settled in water technology, water networks and management consulting. SEGNO has established automation technology in a few hundred wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). We are operating a prototype, the ADESBA-RTC (real time control) in the German city Hildesheim, and we made a study available for implementation of ADESBA in Troisdorf.

The main task of SEGNO will be the development of a standardization of the ADESBA-RTC for a sewer network and the setting of an ADESBA demonstration site in the area of the Emscher Genossenschaft / Lippeverband (EGLV).