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National Technical University of Athens

NTUAThe National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the leading technological and engineering school in Greece.  NTUA will participate with three expert teams: The ‘Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources Management’ of the School of Civil Engineering is a centre of excellence on water resources analysis and urban water systems management. The ‘Laboratory of Sanitary Engineering’ of the School of Civil Engineering has extensive expertise on novel treatment technologies development and process optimisation. The ‘Microwave And Fiber Optics Laboratory’ of the School of Electrical Engineering specializes in the design and development of prototype innovative devices, making use of microwave technology.

NTUA will be the main research partner for the Athens demonstration in collaboration with EYDAP. It will provide input to innovation development (sewer mining and information and communications technology), focusing on solutions for water scarcity and drought and support the work area ‘evaluation framework’ through sustainability assessment and model development for the decision support system (DSS) system.