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EYDAP – Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company

EYDAP_logo_enAthens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) is the largest of its kind in Greece. It supplies approximately 4,300,000 customers with water through an extensive network of 2,020,000 water meters and a 9,500 km of water pipes. The sewerage sector serves 3,500,000 residents with sewers spreading at almost 6,000 km. The Company operates four water treatment plants that have a nominal supply from 200.000 to 600.000 m3 daily each. EYDAP’s expertise in operating large water and wastewater treatment plants and networks ranks it very high among the Mediterranean water and wastewater companies. EYDAP maintains an up-to-date research & development (R&D) department, staffed with experienced researchers as well as modern laboratories and installations. EYDAP’s researchers have already published a large number of scientific work regarding water quality control and related innovative analytical methods.

The R&D department of EYDAP is going to be responsible for the participation of the company in the project and for the implementation and evaluation of the actions.