EGEmschergenossenschaft (EG) is a self-governing, non-profit public corporation, supported and funded collectively by its 181 members from municipalities, mining and other businesses in the Emscher catchment area of 865 km² with a population of approx. 2.4 million. It was founded in 1899 as Germany’s first water board, in order to solve the huge problems with local flooding and putrefying sewage. The main tasks today are waste water treatment, ecological restoration and maintenance of rivers, flood protection, ground and rainwater management. The currently ongoing Emscher restoration project with a total investment of 4.5 billion EUR is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Europe.

Within DESSIN, EG leads the work packages ‘Demonstrating & Improving the Methodology by using Mature Sites’ and ‘Demonstration of the Effect of Innovative Solutions on the Ecosystem Services (ESS)’ and is going to contribute to tasks on the development of the ESS evaluation methodology and on the development of the cross-flow lamella clarifier and the real time control (RTC) system.